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Conscious Word Center for Christ Consciousness is a trans-denominational spiritual center. Our teachings on developing a Christ consciousness are at the heart and center of what we do. In order to understand this concept, we must understand Christ’s connection to Source, God, our Creator and his connection to the earth and everything it encompasses.


Christ consciousness is a continuous state of evolutionary awareness and a profound understanding of life and how it operates under the law of Divine Oneness, connecting everything seen and unseen. Jesus Christ, in his human form, achieved the highest attainable level of Divine Oneness anyone can achieve while on earth. 


A Christ consciousness transcends religion. It is the consciousness of Source, Higher Power, God, embodied by Christ, as he walked the earth to lead and show us how to connect to source, and live life abundantly on earth.


When Jesus walked the earth, he was not affiliated with any religious order or doctrine, nor did he intend for an established religion to be created in his name.  He was connected to Source, Higher Power, God and carried out his mission and assignment as such. He was not dedicated to a specific group of people, but to anyone who had the will to listen and learn, the same applies today. A Christ consciousness is available to all, regardless of religious affiliation. 


Christ consciousness connects the pieces of our life, purpose, and our spiritual connectedness to everything on the earth and beyond.


There will never be an absolute or definitive definition of Christ consciousness. There will always be many interpretations of this concept and will resonate differently for every human. As the divine energy of Source is infinite in nature, no beginning or end, so will the evolutionary concept of a christ Consciousness.

Our Mission

Connect individuals back to Source, Creator, God. Promote universal harmony, evolutionary growth, and a collective understanding of individual purpose on earth.

Happy Siblings

Core Beliefs

Praying Together

Our Vision

Create a global network committed to developing a Christ Consciousness and carrying out the purpose and mission of God’s blueprint for their lives.

  1. Belief in a monotheistic structure, belief in one God.

  2. Belief in the evolutionary ministry of Jesus Christ. Christ is a divine infinite power of our universal system, which has taken human form in order to lead humanity back to the God. Jesus paved the way for humanity to enter into the glory of God. 

  3. Belief that everyone has the ability to develop a Christ consciousness.

  4. Belief that the healing of the spirit, mind and body are essential for human progression.

  5. Belief that every human possesses spiritual gifts from God, and has the right to carry out their purpose and path as designed by God’s plan for their life.

  6. Belief that universal laws and infinite wisdom guide us through our life’s journey.

Our Practices

Our Mission

We follow the healing and miracles ministry of Jesus Christ.



Meditation is the process of removing blockages by bringing your mind, body, and spirit to a state of deep peace, oneness and transformational awareness. Meditation assists the individual with entering a place of calmness, and guidance on finding peace regardless of the type of environment you are in. Meditation is the precursor to prayer.


Prayer is a request or petition through spirit to spirit communication with God. It is the primary communication tool used to provide a divine connection to Source, Higher Power, God. Prayer does not have a religious attachment. Prayer transcends boundaries and borders. Any spirit present within the earthly realm or spiritual realm can ignite a prayer.


Healing begins with spiritual reconciliation between ourselves and Source, Higher Power God. Jesus, as a master healer, gifted us with the blueprint on how to accomplish our pathway to healing. Agape healing is the highest healing point used, directing the love and healing energy of Source, Higher Power, God to the body’s energy field and key energy portals or chakra points. 

Spiritual Gifts

Jesus called for us to do the works that he did. God provided each of us a set of spiritual gifts to allow us to communicate with the divine whenever we need.


Sowing and reaping and the law of compensation tells us that, whatever you sow, you will reap. These laws are activated when you contribute to what you're manifesting. Giving keeps the energy flow of prosperity moving through your life and the lives of others.

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