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Caretakers Mission


No matter our current condition, humans have an unyielding sense of yearning to help or give back to the earth in some capacity. We have this desire because we have an unspoken covenant with God to take care of our earthly home and its contents while we temporarily inhabit the planet. The contents of the earth would include humans, animals, and the environment.

It is our responsibility to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it. God gifted each of us with the earth and provided all the nutrients that we need to survive, while we proceed to teach and learn the lessons necessary to enrich our spirits. 


Experience the Power of Giving

Giving to Conscious Word Center for Christ Consciousness will help support our Caretakers of the Earth ministry. Giving to the ministry will not only bless you and your family, but it will bless others. Every gift is prayed over with a specific request of your choosing or a general prayer of blessings.


We support causes and initiatives in the areas of: Social inclusion and equality, environmental wellness and conservation, animal conservation, international humanitarian efforts, and poverty initiatives. 


We will have a biennial selection process for members to make suggestions on specific causes and organizations to donate to. A selection committee of non-participating members will be appointed  to make recommendations. 

Let's Make A Change

Climate Protest


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Got Purpose?

If you are just now discovering your path and purpose in this life, try it out by volunteering for causes that resonate with your spirit. Reach out to your local charities and see how you can make a major impact and change in the world.

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