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Tonya Haizlip

Founder, Lead Spiritual Teacher

Welcome to the next level of your spiritual Journey.

My Story

I'm Tonya Haizlip, Founder and Lead Spiritual Teacher of Conscious Word Center for Christ Consciousness. I share this life with my handsome and amazing life partner and three beautiful, incredible adult children. I'm blessed to have my parents, grandparents, beautiful and awesome sisters and a blessed bunch of nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and sister friends.


I earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice from High Point University. I also earned certificates from UNC Charlotte in the areas of Meditation, Global Healing Systems and Energy Medicine. I'm a Energy Healing Practitioner, Trauma Support Specialist, Stress Management Coach, Sleep Science Coach, Ordained Minister and Non-Profit Founder. 

I created this trans-denominational spiritual community to answer a call and purpose in my life that I initially rejected for many years. I came into this world blessed with spiritual communication gifts that I never had the option of turning off.

When I was a child, I always knew there was a spiritual world without the influence of a religious institution. I would like to say I have a family in the physical world and a family in the spiritual world. I would listen to lessons from my family, but I also had God and my guardian angels, instructing me on different lessons, protecting me and directing me on how to maneuver in this life.

Yes, I can sense spiritual energy all around me. It has been my normal all of my life. It may be different for most, but it is very natural for me.

I don't fit into a specific spiritual paradigm, but for the sake of the human need to identify individuals based on a title, I guess you can call me a Seer, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. Although most of my teachings are strictly information from the spiritual realm, my religion of choice is Christianity. My goal is to help people reconnect back to God, shed light on their gifts, and help them back on their life's purpose. Once people can do this, there isn't anything they won't be able to accomplish, according to their purpose from God.

After a 25 year call to service, I decided to become an ordained minister through LEWA, Light and Energy Workers Association in February 2021. The choice today is more profound than ever. As a natural healer and seer, I feel compelled to offer my gift and wisdom to the world during some of the most critical times of our lives. I am so honored to have  accepted this calling. I put my heart and soul into contributing to the healing and conscious evolutionary shift that is required for earth's continued evolution and vitality.

I follow the Christ Consciousness of Jesus through his healing and miracles ministry, using every spiritual gift God has bestowed upon me, as Christ did.  Jesus laid out a roadmap for all healers to follow and how to continue being caretakers of the earth, and I intend to do just that.

It’s not by my design or your design, but by God’s design!

“If you let it, the noise of the world will drown out the voice of God, which is your intuition.”


Oprah Winfrey

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